2010 Building Committee Community Survey Results

• Excellent return rate at 33% (10-15% is considered a good rate). Statistically, this provides a confidence level of 99%.

• Although most (92.2%) did not attend at least one of the public forums, the survey takers were educated about the building project. The majority (76%) said they read “some” to “a lot” of information.

• Respondents represent all sectors of the community.

• Most respondents favor consolidation over the status quo – 44% support a plan to consolidate the 5 existing schools into 4 schools, 32% support consolidation into 3 schools and the remaining 24% support keeping and renovating the five existing schools.

• Most are in favor of closing the Junior High School (58%). Among borough residents, 52.4% were in favor of closing the Junior High.

• Most (56%) do not support creating a 7-12 building.

• On average, the building plan of two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school was the most popular choice. The options of having one elementary and one Jr-Sr High School and keeping all five buildings as they are were the least popular options. 

Here is some background information about the survey:
• A third-party company, State College-based Diagnostics Plus, was retained to collect and process all data.
• Surveys were mailed to approxmiately 6,000 households and district employees (one survey per address). Addresses were provided by Centre and Clearfield counties and are based on households who pay the per capita tax. (this includes renters and property owners) If you moved within the last year and/or don't pay the per capita tax, it's possible that you did not receive a survey. Residents who said they did not receive a survey were mailed a survey.  
• If, for some reason, you didn't get a survey, please email your comments to communitycomments@pomounties.org. Your input will be shared with the school board.
• Your answers will not be used to identify you, your child or your family in any way. All responses are confidential.
• Survey results were presented to the school board at its March 9, 2010 meeting. If you would like to be notified when the survey results are online, please sign up for email alerts by clicking here.

• Survey questions were developed and approved by all 23 members of the Building Committee. This diverse group of people represent multiple areas of the community and include property taxpayers.



Last Modified on March 31, 2011