College Applications

Last Updated: 10/21/2020 5:48 PM

College Applications



Seniors:  Early application deadline for Penn State is November 15, 2020. 


The Guidance office requests that students follow certain procedures when sending college applications:

1.  Obtain applications from the college/university webpage, common application, or from the school counseling office.  Addresses are available in the guidance office and/or from the XELLO software. 

2.  Complete the application and transcript release form (see "Guidance Forms" page to left). Official transcripts must be mailed directly from the guidance office. 

3.  If a reference letter is required from a teacher and/or counselor, be sure to allow the teacher and/or counselor adequate time.  It is very helpful to provide a resume for the teacher and this will result in a more complete reference.



Students who plan to apply to a four year college and certain programs at two year colleges will need to submit admission test results.  Students may take the SAT exam at POHS in October and March of each year and on additional dates at other schools. Registration forms are available at  ACT exams may be taken in Altoona or Clearfield.  Students may register at


Students are encouraged to visit prospective colleges.  If they wish to visit during the school day, they should turn in an excuse from a parent prior to the day of the trip.  They should also contact the admissions office of the college and make an appointment to visit.  When they return to school, an acknowledgement from the college should be submitted to the attendance office.


Students who plan to play Division I or Division II sports in college must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.  This registration must be done on line at  This website also provides prospective athletes with a guide book that contains some very important information about required academic courses, test requirements and grade point average requirements.  We recommend students apply at the beginning of their senior year.


Students who are interested in the military should sign up for the ASVAB exam.  It is administered at POSHS each fall or may be taken at a later date arranged by a recruiter.  Recruiters visit the high school to meet with interested students. 

Students interested in an appointment to a military academy or in ROTC should begin the procedure early in their senior year.

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