POFFC Constitution

Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School


Fly Fishing Club


Article I – Name


            The name of this organization will be Philipsburg-Osceola Fly Fishing Club or referred to as POFFC.


Article II – Purpose


1.   To organize projects and activities that acquaints members with the life-long activities of fly fishing and outdoor recreation.


            2.   To educate members about fly fishing techniques and insect identification.


3.   To promote sound fly fishing etiquette and an appreciation for the earth and her habitat for fish and other wild creatures.


            4.   To participate in, and provide support to, ongoing trout stream restoration projects.


            5.   To promote safety while fishing and adherence to state fishing and land usage laws.


  1. To promote and practice catch and release trout fishing and zero impact wilderness travel.


  2. To study local watershed heritage and to help protect it through participation in habitat preservation and restoration.


  3. To educate students at an early age, while demonstrating a willingness to work with the community and other districts and organizations.




    Article III – Membership


    Section 1.        Members may be fly-fishermen or have an interest in becoming fly fishermen. Members may also have a strong interest in habitat restoration or watershed history and heritage.


    Section 2.        The Philipsburg-Osceola Fly Fishing Club will accept members from grades 9-12.


    Section 3.        All members must maintain at least a 70% cumulative average in their academic studies and have no more than 4 tutorial hours or suspensions to remain eligible for membership.


                Section 4.        Members must attend monthly meetings.


                            Clause 1.   Members must inform the advisor prior to the absence of a meeting.


                            Clause 2.   Three (3) unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the club.


    Article IV -- Officers and Elections


    Section 1.        The officers of this club will be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and the Treasurer.


    Clause 1.  Candidates for the Philipsburg-Osceola Fly Fishing Club officers must have been members for at least one year.


    Clause 2.   Not more than 3 candidates will be nominated for each office by the membership.


                Section 2.        Election of Officers


                            Clause 1.   General membership will elect all officers.


                            Clause 2.   Officers will be elected in the spring, prior to the upcoming term.


    Clause 3.   In the event that an election for officer ends in a tie, a new election for the office will be held at the next meeting.


    Clause 4.   Officers can be carried over to the new term if approved by a majority of the general membership.


                Section 3.        Removal/Replacement of officers


    Clause 1.  Any officer who fails to abide by the membership rules will be replaced with an Executive Committee appointee.


    Clause 2.  If an officer should move from the school district, an Executive Committee appointee will fill his or her position.


    Clause 3.  The Executive Committee and the Advisor will decide any other reason for dismissal from office.



    Article V – Duties of Officers


    Section 1.        The president shall preside at all meetings of the Philipsburg-Osceola Fly Fishing Club, call special meetings when necessary, delegate authority, and appoint committee chairpersons and members as deemed necessary.


    Section 2.        The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence and perform such other duties as recommended by the President.


    Section 3.        The Secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting, handle all correspondence, and keep accurate attendance records. He/She will also read the minutes of the previous meetings as called for by the President or Vice-President.


    Section 4.        The Treasurer will be in charge of the collection and payment of all funds, sales, dues, and any other monetary business. He/She will also give financial reports as called by the President or the Vice-President.


    Article VI – Meetings and Attendance


    Section 1.        Meetings will be held monthly at a time designated by the advisor, co-advisors, or officers. The advisor will be in charge of finding a meeting place.


    Section 2.        At the discretion of the officers and advisors, any member with three (3) or more unexcused absences may be dismissed from the membership.


    Section 3.        The Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, shall have the power to vote for the entire membership.


    Section 4.        Members may create a special committee by majority vote, to which a chairperson will be assigned by the executive committee, and committee members will voluntarily join.



    Article VII – Parliament by Authority


              Section 1.        Meeting conduct will follow Robert’s Rules of Order.



    Article VIII – Advisor


    Section 1.        The Advisor/Co-Advisors of the club will be approved by the POASD School Board.



    Article IX – Amendments


    Section 1.        This constitution may be amended by a majority of the membership present at any meeting.

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