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To all my students and their families:

First, let me say I hope you are all doing well.  On the down side, I have missed seeing all your smiling faces.  On the plus side, I’ve gotten soooo much reading done (as I hope you have)!    Should you need to contact me I can be reached at I will respond to your emails as soon as I can.  Till we see each other again, keep safe, keep healthy and KEEP READING!


K and 1st

  • Look around your home.  Find a favorite book, maybe one you’ve been reading each night before bed, and share with someone where you would find that book in your school library.  For example, if you are reading a book by Mo Willems (he wrote our favorite, Knuffle Bunny!) we would find it under the W’s. 
  • If you have Internet access, please check out: where different movie stars, authors, and personalities will read wonderful books to you.  There are many to choose from and more are added all the time.  Listen to who they say the author is and then decide where you would find that book in our library.  This will be good practice for when school resumes or you are able to visit a library again.


2nd and 3rd

  • Great time to practice on the Alexandria card catalog.  Looking up books we have in our library, clicking on the different links it offers (remember, they are in blue).  It can be accessed by going to the school district website: , choosing your building, and the clicking on the quick links, library and then card catalog.  Try out the different types of searches.  No time limits!  Have fun looking.
  • If you do not have access to the Internet, look through the books you have in your home (library books?) and see if you can locate all the ones responsible for making that book for you:  author, illustrator, and publisher.  When was your book created?  Who’s older: you or your book?  You may be surprised!


3rd and 4th

  • IF you have access to Nonfiction books, look to see if they have those sections we looked at: Glossary, Index, and Timelines.  Do they also have a section offering you websites to “find out more” about your topic?  Great time to check those out!  For fun (and practice) create a timeline of your life.  What important things/people have been part of your life? 
  • If you have access to the Internet, you may want to hold your own wax museum.  Find some facts on your favorite personalities, dress up, and invite those around you to guess who you are by following your clues (facts, props, dress, etc.)  A good place to begin would be

They have all kinds of information: historical, biographies and games!



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