Bus Guidelines

Bus Routes & Bus Stops

Bus routes and stops are designed to promote safety, efficiency, and the smallest amount of time spent on the bus. It is important to know that bus stops are CENTRALLY located to all students within a neighborhood, block, or area. It is not feasible to provide bus stops that are within sight of all student homes or daycares. The Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District has started to implement policies and procedures in regard to bussing to assist with the overall safety of all students. Please be sure to read these policies and procedures before calling in with a question.


Bus Stops are established with the following in mind:


  • Traffic controls such as stoplights or stop signs are located at corners. These controls slow down motorists and they tend to be more cautious as they approach intersections. The general public expect bus stops to be located at the corner of streets rather than at individual home addresses.

  • In the winter months, salting is usually done at intersections, providing a safer stopping area for bussing and cars.

  • Buses within the District use their lighting system and the stop arm when picking up and dropping off students. Corner stops allow for enough time to allow the driver to activate the warning lights before the designated stop.

  • Visibility for buses is better at intersections and for oncoming traffic.

  • Length between stops has to be, at minimum, 500 feet. It’s also vital to note that certain situations may require a longer foot distance than this “500 ft. rule.” This allows for traffic to not become congested and also allows for the overall time spent on a bus to be kept at a minimum.

What is NOT Considered necessary for adding or changing a bus stop?

  • It is not possible for all parents to have sight to their child’s bus stop. The District encourages parents to be outside with their student at the bus stop.

  • Routes travel past many students homes; however, stopping at all homes would be inefficient. Other students may be assigned to the stop but rarely ride, however, it’s important to know that other students may move into the neighborhood and require the original bus stop.

  • Stops that are less than 500 feet away (.10 of a mile) from another bus stop, intersection, or from home address. 


PLEASE NOTE: PENNSYLVANIA LAW STATES ANY CHILD, REGARDLESS OF AGE, MAY WALK UP TO 1.5 MILES TO A DESIGNATED BUS STOP OR SCHOOL. It is a District policy to have a walking distance for secondary students walk up to 1.5 miles and elementary students walk up to 1 mile.

**Please note: Bus Drivers do not have the authority to move or add a bus stop. You must contact the School District to initiate the process, and then the school board MUST approve all stops.


These policies, procedures, and guidelines may be changed by the School District at their discretion. 

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