Common Myths About Gifted Students

•   Gifted students are a homogeneous group, all high achievers. 

•   Gifted students do not need help. If they are really gifted, they can manage on their own. 

•   Gifted students have fewer problems than others because their intelligence and abilities somehow exempt them from the hassles of daily life. 

•   The future of a gifted student is assured: a world of opportunities lies before the student. 

•   Gifted students are self-directed; they know where they are heading. 

•   The social and emotional development of the gifted student is at the same level as his or her intellectual development. 

•   Gifted students are nerds and social isolates. 

•   The primary value of the gifted student lies in his or her brain power. 

•   The gifted student's family always prizes his or her abilities. 

•   Gifted students need to serve as examples to others and they should always assume extra responsibility. 

•   Gifted students make everyone else smarter. 

•   Gifted students can accomplish anything they put their minds to. All they have to do is apply themselves. 

•   Gifted students are naturally creative and do not need encouragement. 

•   Gifted children are easy to raise and a welcome addition to any classroom 


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Truths About Gifted Students

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