Learning Characteristics of Gifted Children

§ Keen power of observation; sense of the significant

§ Highly verbal

§ Questioning attitude, intellectual curiosity; often has great intrinsic motivation or is a self-starter

§ Power of abstraction, conceptualization, ability to pull ideas and information together; enjoyment of intellectual activity

§ Interest in cause-effect relations, ability to see relationships

§ Reads actively

§ High degree of task commitment

§ Shares unusual interests

§ Interested in everything at once

§ Takes risks

§ Describes experiences from unusual point of view

§ Has keen verbal humor

§ Gets bored easily

§ Daydreams noticeably

§ Gets involved in complex discussions

§ Not confined by sex-role stereotyped behaviors

§ Introspective–self critical–self checking

§ Creativeness and inventiveness, looking for new ways of doing things. Interest in creating, brainstorming, or open-ended thinking

§ Generally acts like an older child

§ Uncooperative about doing routine learning tasks

§ Often takes leadership roles in group activities

§ Spends time observing prior to participation in activity

§ Tells elaborate stories about personal experiences

§ Expresses concern and knowledge about world problems

§ Expresses moral concerns about others

§ Effectively resolves interpersonal problems

§ Persistent about everything

§ Uses extensive detail in drawings and descriptions

§ Pays little attention to details of living

§ Fantasizes freely

§ Learns efficiently, mastering ideas with one or two examples

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