The GIEP: A Strength Based Document

Dr. Shirley Curl, Special Education Advisor Tanya Morret, Educational Consultant IU 15. A GIEP is a specially designed map for a child, a child's teachers, and parents to follow. A GIEP adjusts a child's learning pace, content, and accommodations to their learning level. However, a GIEP does not ensure success Remember that education is a type of transaction. It takes effort from all parties to achieve success. It is up to the student to use this GIEP map and to work hard. In this light, please remember that a GIEP is not an IEP. A GIEP is not designed to correct bad habits or remedy learning issues. Learning disabilities are addressed in an IEP. GIEPs are different in that the purpose of a GIEP is to fine tune the level of learning to a child's intellect. A GIEP cannot legally contain language that is remedies problem behaviors, immaturities, disabilities (physical and/or mental), or lack of work ethic.

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