What is required to register an English Language Learner

What is required to register an English Language Learner (ELL) in a PA public school?

The only requirement for registration of a student in a Pennsylvania public school is an immunization record and proof of residency in the district. The proof of residency can be a copy of a rental receipt or any other viable evidence of parent or guardian residency.

The district may ask parents for additional information that is helpful in meeting the student's educational needs, but it is not appropriate to withhold the student from school for any amount of time due to the lack of this additional information, including a social security numberor birth certificate. Subjecting them to scrutiny that is not part of the normal enrollment process is discriminatory and may place the school district/charter school at risk of legal action.


Any student in kindergarten through 12th grade may be admitted to school provisionally if evidence of at least one dose of each required antigen for vaccines given in a series or more than one dose (i.e., measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, varicella, hepatitis B) is given. The parent(s) or guardian (s) plan for completion of the required immunizations shall be submitted to the school and reviewed every 60 days. All subsequent immunizations shall be entered on the Certificate of Immunization or into the computer database program. All immunization requirements shall be completed within eight months of entrance to school. If the requirements are not met, the school administrator shall undertake exclusion measures.





. Q. What kind of proof of age, residency and immunization status may a family be asked to provide?

A. School districts should be flexible in the documents required and should consider what information is reasonable in light of the family’s situation. For example, a school district can never demand only one kind of document, for example a birth certificate, to prove age.

    Documents that can prove these factors include:


Proof of Age: Examples are a child’s birth certificate or passport, baptismal certificate, a legal statement by a parent or prior school records.


Proof of Immunization Status: Typically, a physician’s statement/record of immunizations is provided. A prior school district or physician can confirm by telephone that the child is immunized with records to follow. A district may not require a physical or dental examination or a health or mental health history as a condition of enrollment.


Proof of Residency: Acceptable documents to establish residency include a deed, a lease, utility bills, vehicle registration, driver’s license or Dept. of Transportation identification card. A district may require that more than one form of residency confirmation be provided. The district should be flexible and reasonable as to what is required.


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