November collage
The Visual Arts in November. Glazing, Molds, Window Painting, Drawing, Painting, and More. It's been a busy month of November as we push toward the Holiday Season.
Mr. Levonick's Construction Technology class made planter boxes and a buddy bench for the YMCA.
National Technical Honor Society Inductees: Alexis Clark, Jacob Cole, Arianna Garcia, Danelle Pannebaker, Preston Putillion, Devyn Suhoney, Brandon Walker, Olivia Williamson, Jacob Irwin
Spanish III students visited Lock Haven University to learn about foreign language courses in college.
Wood Working
Sophomore Ian Phillips created this amazing project in Wood Working 2!
college fair
College Fair
11th grade students at POHS attended the Clearfield County College Fair at the CCCTC on Thursday, March 3rd.
Operation PE Victory
Captain Stewart and Sergeant Teat of the State College US Army Recruiting Company visited POHS gym classes to engage students in physical activities. The goal of Operation PE Victory is to promote physical and mental fitness while leaving a positive and lasting impact on students before they enter the community as graduates and adults.
Medal winners left to right: Ben Gustkey, Brian Wallace, Jimmy Richtscheit, Paige Rishel Team pic left to right: Madeline Cartwright, Paige Rishel, Ben Gustkey, Jimmy Richtscheit, Shane Parish, Brian Wallace, Jamey Massung, Bailey Lukens
District Chorus
PMEA District IV Chorus: Abby Ramage, Maggie Young, Heather Wayland, Vanessa Harper, Ben Coudriet, Bella Paladina, Nolan Hite, Bailey Lukens
District Band
PMEA District 4 Band: Reilly Vroman, Ivy Reed, Vanessa Harper, Jamey Massung, Heather Wayland, Grant Lutz, Jerika Fry
Rylee Harris logo painting
Adding Mountie Spirit!
Rylee Harris, of Illustrator's Club, adds a Mountaineer logo to the wrestling room.
Construction Technology at POHS
Students are building four 8'x8' walls with a window or door on each wall. Each wall has an electrical outlet that is wired correctly or a light switch. The students also hung drywall and finished it with joint compound and then sanded it.
Physics at Work!
Mrs. Ogden's Physics at Work students created hydraulic cranes. Students shown are Megan Ireland, Mark Carr, and Wyatt Finocchio.
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