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Welcome! My name is Kirsten Guelich and I am the school counselor at the Philipsburg Elementary School


Our School Counseling Mission Statement:

The school counseling program helps all students achieve success in school and develop into lifelong learners by focusing on the academic, career and personal/social domains.


Our Student Services include:

Individual Counseling

Small Group Counseling

Developmental Guidance Lessons

Crisis Intervention

Community Agency Liaison/Consultation


Individual Counseling

Self Referral:

Students may self refer to the counselor when they have a worry or problem. At the Philipsburg Elementary School request slips to see the counselor are located in the main office and students may use them as needed. A student in collaboration with his or her teacher will decide if the problem can be worked out in the classroom or needs to be referred to the counselor. If the decision is to see the counselor, a student goes to the counseling office located next to the main office. If the counselor is available the child is seen immediately and if not usually later that day or the next day. Students are always encouraged to discuss their concerns with parents. Similarly parents are encouraged to contact the counselor with any questions or concerns. Telephone calls are placed to parents when necessary.  Individual counseling is offered on a limited basis.


Small Group Counseling

Friendship Groups also known as Lunch Bunch:

To support students’ social and emotional development, counseling groups are offered to provide students with the opportunity for extra instruction, practice and support. These groups are typically held during lunch time and focus on interpersonal and intrapersonal skill development. Personal space, turn taking, being a good sport, conflict resolution and dealing with teasing are examples of the interpersonal skills addressed. Intrapersonal skills could include stress/anxiety management, overcoming shyness, impulse control and self-confidence. Regular participation in guidance services can be initiated by a parent, teacher, and/or administrator in consultation with the school counselor. At times, some regular group members may be allowed to invite a friend to their counseling group as part of our “bring a friend” activity.


"Healing Hearts" Support Groups:

Children experience all types of trauma. Felitti and colleagues (1998) have studied adverse childhood experiences. Some of these experiences include death of a parent or another loved one, parental separation or divorce, parental incarceration, abuse or neglect, substance abuse in the home, or witnessing domestic violence. Many other experiences can inflict trauma in children as well. Support groups are one intervention that can help children heal. It is my hope that "Healing Hearts" is a safe place for kids to embrace their feelings of loss. In the group, we listen to one another's stories and share our hurts and hopes. Together, we bring comfort to one another through projects and game play. New support groups are forming all the time. If this is something your child might enjoy, contact me!


Developmental Guidance Lessons

Because the counseling program aims to address the needs of all students at Philipsburg Elementary School, I will provide developmental guidance lessons at all grade levels. These lessons address topics related to personal, social, academic, and career development. 


Crisis Intervention

Centre County: CAN HELP line 1-800-643-5432 Clearfield County: 1-800-341-5040


Community Agency Liaison/Consultation

If you are interested in a mental health, community agency referral, or just have general questions please call me! 342-2870 extension 5002. I can also be reached at



Elementary Career Counseling

There are four career standards in Pennsylvania:


1. Career Awareness and Preparation(Key Topics) *Exploring interests and hobbies *Identifying family roles and responsibilities *Identifying the range of jobs in the community *Describing types of work performed by teachers and community members *Exploring differences in types of training needed for careers *Discussing value of school work on careers

2. Career Acquisition (Key Topics) *Identifying speaking and listening techniques *Identifying resources available for job search *Composing a personal letter *Discussing value of making a plan for the future *Relating the importance of different workplace skills

3. Career Retention and Advancement (Key Topics) *Identifying positive work habits at school and home *Understanding cooperative participation in a group setting *Understanding group interaction vocabulary *Explaining the value of different monetary units *Discussing scheduling time at home and school *Identifying how roles vary across family, friends, and community *Understanding the importance of lifelong learning

4. Entrepreneurship (Key Topics) *Understanding the concept of entrepreneurship *Describing character traits of successful entrepreneurs *Describing age appropriate business ideas


Career Plan for the Philipsburg Elementary School

The counselor will teach career lessons to the students beginning in kindergarten. Each year, the students will complete a Student Planner summary (a record of student aspirations and achievements) which will be housed in a Career Portfolio.  A Career Summary will be completed at the end of 5th grade based on each students Career Portfolio. This summary will then be sent on to the Middle School Counselors to continue the process of career planning.  The actual Career Portfolio will be sent home with the students at the conclusion of the 5th grade.

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